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Cleaning Different Type of Blinds

The price to clean your blind is based on the type of blind and the width of each blind

We also provide a service where we can come in, remove,  categorize each blind, clean, assuring that each and every blind, whether they are vertical or mini-blinds, will be reinstalled back to its original location.

How to estimate blind cleaning costs:

1.  Measure the total width of all your windows in inches.

2.  Total inches wide divide by 12 to get the number of Feet.

3.  Number of feet multiplied by the price per foot cost showing on the price list bellow 2013 Price List - PDF

Will equal the estimate cost to clean your blinds.

ADD applicable taxes (GST +PST)

If you remove the blinds yourself there are no additional costs.



1.  Mini-blinds  (1" slats) and Macro blinds (2" slats)
2.  Pleated Shades
3.  Silhouettes
4.  Duettes - "Honeycombs" "cellular"
5.  Vertical Blinds - Free Hanging
6.  Vertical Blinds - Vinyl
7.  Faux Wood
8.  Real Wood blinds (1")
9.  Real Wood blinds (2")
10. Vignettes
11. Luminettes
12. Pirouettes

Type of Blinds: 

1   4   5 6
7   8 9
10  11




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